Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More thoughts

Hey ladies, thanks for checking in and the honesty and all the encouragement!

I'm sharing a brief post from Rachael and the start of her journey through Seven...

I started 7 last night (10-9). I feel as though God isn't calling me to go full out on fasting but instead take one meal out of my day to have a reduce simplified meal so I can pray for spiritual growth and guidance and for others whom are less fortunate than me. My heart is burdened for those in the United States. Some may think that's silly but the statistics showing how many millions of Americans are food insecure (different than poverty) is outstanding! I would love to be able to get involved locally with some organization to help others out. This is one thing ill be praying for when my tummy growls throughout the day!  Another thing that God has placed on my heart was to clean out my pantry and to donate all the food that I haven't used (still within expiration date of course). This is definitely one thing that I would like to continue once this month is over! So, to kick things off Last night I ate a bland romaine salad with boiled egg and bland chicken and home made croutons (minus all the fixings). Maya enjoyed the croutons...ha! But boy would I like some flavor. My tummy was a rumbling last night for some more food!! Praying for us all as we go through this journey together!! 

I am loving the idea of donating food from our pantry.  How about each of us bring...wait for it...SEVEN items from our pantry to put in Valley View's food drive bins?!  And...try and pick some of the good stuff, not the stuff that's been sitting there because you don't even want to eat it - or is that just me and my pantry talking!? :)

How is this week going so far?


  1. Megs! I love the idea of bringing 7 food items! Hahaha! I'm in! :)

  2. I really love that idea of bringing 7 items. I've been in and out with my 7 - for the most part I've been on and I'm already sick of sweet potatoes. However, I feel like this whole experiment has highlighted my real issues with food and weight. To be honest yesterday praying for a friend who was fasting was the most I gave into this spiritually... I keep getting caught up in the I really want to eat that, or on the opposite end doing really well and then thinking.... hmm maybe I'll lose weight and then cycling into a Lord why do I suck - this is about you tantrum. So I'm going to take each day and think of all of you ladies, and try to pray for my son in Ethiopia and think of those around him who are truly hungry and are not so concerned with the same things we are. I pray that you all are having a better experience and I pray that I also will.

  3. Thanks for sharing Rachael! I think that cleaning out the pantry is a great idea and also bringing in 7 food items! I might have to go out and buy 7 because I've already cut out all canned food and anything boxed I plan on making asap after this month is over!!

    Kelly - I love how open you are about your past month. I totally agree that sometimes I get caught up with "being famished" and disgusted with my food choices. More then 10x a day I think of different foods I could have chosen (pizza at least every day), instead of praying for other who live with the same food choices every day, not just for a month. And that's just month, week or even day of being "uncomfortable" in our eating habits vs. those who don't have a choice at all. It just makes we realize how fortunate and blessed my life is and that I am nothing without God.