Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How's it going

So it seems like most of us are starting doing something within the area of food.  I really like all the different variations and the way everyone is making it their own.  I think the last thing Jen Hatmaker wants is for us to follow her rules just because she says to.  Again, it's about heart change, not adding more rules to our life!  I'm praying that I create more space for the Spirit to move in my life and that when I think about food I would take a second to remember WHY I am doing this. 

(But honestly, sometimes I just think about how much I want something sweet and chocolate-y and that's it!) 

(Also, my hormones are definitely in the PMS phase which means I really could go for some chocolate.  And a some salty pretzels.  Ok, who I am kidding, a big bowl of chips...)

(Did I mention that I officially moved from cleaning out the fridge, to eating my version of seven foods TWO days ago? All those thoughts in just two days!)

I have my version of seven (more like eight) and all of you have yours.  My question is how is it going?  For some of you you're a week in, some are just starting, some may still be figuring it out.  

It's kind of hard to write this but I gotta be honest and say that I love food.  I love God more than food, but self denial is a struggle for me, especially with food.  I think if I thought about God as much as I did about food - wow - or even spent even 1/2 the amount of time I spend figuring out meals and food stuff as I did with God - I think it would be life changing.  

I really do want to be more aware of how and where God is leading me.  I stumble along blindly and then realize, OK, wow, you were totally at work there - wouldn't it be nice to be attuned to the Spirit and feel like just for a moment we See what God wants from us (I mean this in simplest of ways, like going out of your way to be kind, offering comfort or encouragement when you see a frazzled mom with kids, letting someone go in front of you in line b/c you have more and they have two things - simple ways to show God's love)

That's a lot of rambling from me - I want to hear from you!!!

If you have longer thoughts and want to have a full post, write it up and I'll post it for you!


  1. Ok, so for those of you who haven't read my blog about the start of this process, here it is: http://mamavanning.blogspot.com/2012/09/non-reader-reading-three-books-at-same.html

    Sadly, I haven't gotten much better since the first few days. I was finding the more that I tried to limit myself, the more I wanted to rebel. I was always hungry... but I also found out, just today, that I have clinical hypothyroidism. I'm not using this as an excuse, but now I know why I'm always hungry (and struggling with weight)... I will be starting my thyroid medication tomorrow, so hopefully it will be helpful in the laundry list of issues I've been dealing with. I digress... after having had the flu and being sick all weekend, I plan on getting more serious and finding a way to partake in this exercise better.

  2. Hey guys!!
    Hope you are all "surviving"!!! lol:-) For me, it's actually getting easier (I say that today, but who knows what it will be like tomorrow!!) I'm actually OK when I'm at home and running around outside the house. Being at work is the WORST though because I just want to eat everything in sight...especially when everyone in the office is buying lunch and I have to work around all those yummy smells. I find myself "day dreaming" of my FIRST non-7 meal!! lol

    Anyways, to copy Stephanie's post...check out my blog too if you guys haven't already:-)