Monday, September 24, 2012

Food For Thought....

I couldn't not use that title - it was too easy!

Anyway, I assume most of you have read the first chapter 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess - which will from here on out be referred to just as 7. :)

So chapter one - what did you think? Have you thought about how to push yourself out of your comfort zone this month? Are you challenged to reduce your food choices/options in some way?

I have to say I have had a swirl of thoughts and emotions.  At first I was set that I would go all out for two weeks - sounds manageable right?  I mean I'm not getting paid to write a book and I also want to not feel so overwhelmed that I don't even bother.  BUT....I look at my fridge and pantry full of food and I wonder if it lines up with the core message of this book to go out and buy more food in order to cut back my choices.  

So where I'm at now, this morning, is thinking I need to first clean out what I do have, not go get more.  

This quote from the book sums up what I want this "experiment" to be for me 

I'm doing this for a reason.  This is a fast, a major reduction of the endless possibilities that accompany my every meal.  It is supposed to be uncomfortable and inconvenient.  Not because I'm a narcissist but because the discomfort creates space for the Holy Spirit to move.  This shake up of my routine commands my attention.  What will the Spirit do with the new space? I don't know.  We'll see.  It's his to engineer.  I won't box Him in or assume I know what He'll say.  I'm not going to project my goals onto His movement.  I have simply said "Jesus, may there be less of me and my junk and more of You and Your kingdom.  I will reduce, so He can increase.

I don't want this to feel like a diet, because I will admit that it came to mind right away "wow, I'll probably lose weight if I eat like that for a two weeks".  I've already started to create exceptions, like I will only do this during the week and eat normal on the weekends, and I already thought "hmmm, maybe one week is enough!"

So to start out I need to clean out (fridge, pantry) and while I'm doing this ask God how I can enter into this fast the way He wants me to.  It may look very different from what I thought, but I don't want it to be based on my own pride and selfish desires.  

I want to hear from you.  You can comment, or if you want to enter a post, just type it up and send it to me and I'll post it.  Please come here to interact and discuss and encourage.  One requirement - be honest.  Don't whitewash how you're feeling.  Don't feel bad to admit that you aren't "doing" anything but were still challenged to make overall changes in how you approach food.  Don't feel bad to admit you didn't get much out of the chapter!  It's all about us being real and sharing how God is working in our lives.  

Here is a link to (in)courage book club that has additional thoughts from Jen Hatmaker.  

Jen Martin shared a great post off of Jen Hatmaker's blog that should help us get through this book - as usual, she'll make you laugh and think!